Sinology in Russia

Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia and Association of Teachers of the Moscow region « Teachers of the Chinese language » organize regular meeting with Russian sinologists « Sinology in Russia » , to be held on February 14, 2022, at 11 AM Moscow time via online platform (Zoom). In its frames presentation of the following reports will be held:

  • Lobanova Tatiana, Dr. Sci. (Philology), Director of the Regional Center for Chinese Language and Chinese Studies of the Moscow Region State Univesrity. The topic is « China’s media discourse on COVID-19 related topic as a subject of Applied Analysis ». The report is on discursive practices of media discourse in Chine for the period of 2019-2021. The aim of the research is to describe media discourse in China and to present the experience of using the methodology of critical discourse analysis and content analysis. The author examines the way how key narrative battlegrounds have raged since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic: « Where was the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic? » and « Who has had the most successful response to it? »;
  • Dubyaga Anastasiya, English and Chinese teacher at school №947 (Moscow), 1st year PhD student of Moscow State Regional University. The topic is « Linguocultural types in the categorical system of conceptology description ». The report is devoted to the study of a linguocultural type as a generalized image of a person whose behavior and value orientations determine the uniqueness of a certain society. The main subject of study is the main features of the concept of « linguocultural type » and its correlation with other concepts. The aim of the research is to identify the main characteristics of a linguocultural type as one of the varieties of conceptology and to determine their place in the categorical system of conceptology through the prism of the theory of modern linguocultural types;
  • Sivova Daria, 1st year PhD student of Moscow State Regional University majoring in Linguistics and Literature: Theory of Language with 4 working languages: Russian, English, Chinese and French. The main scientific interest is Applied Linguistics, particularly the Study of Discourse Analysis. The topic is « Informational Vaccine Wars in the Mass-Media Discourse: Linguistic aspect ». The report examines the linguistic aspect of the Information Vaccine War in the mass media discourse. The aim of the research is to describe the functioning of a language in the mechanisms of Informational Vaccine Wars. Particular attention is paid to the linguistic methods and techniques of mass media influence on the public consciousness.  

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The deadline for participation submission is February 13. Participation is free of charge.

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